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The Ladykillers (2004) Plot Summary :

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Movie Title : The Ladykillers
Genre : Drama Comedy
Runtime: 104 Minutes
Release Date: Friday, 2004-03-26
Rating : R
Cast : Tom Hanks, Irma P. Hall, Marlon Wayans,

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The Ladykillers (1955) Movie Review

Alec Guinness stars as a criminal mastermind in one of the funniest and blackest of the comedies concocted during the heyday of London’s Ealing Studios. In The Ladykillers (1955), Guinness leads a gang of cutthroats and bandits who, posing as a string quintet, plan their latest knavery from a rented room belonging to Mrs. Wilberforce, the sweetest little old lady this side of the Thames. Naive and daintily credulous, Mrs. Wilberforce becomes an unknowing accomplice in the gang’s daring armed robbery of a money van. The crime is a success, but when Mrs. W. discovers what her dear string quintet has been up to, she has no choice but to report the naughtiness to her darling friends in the local constabulary. (Read more …)


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